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Our firm offers a wide variety of services. Whether your case is in negotiation or in litigation, we can help. Here are some of the areas in which Attorneys have utilized our services:


Studies have shown that early case assessment is critical to the outcome of any matrimonial or family law case. Now that you have been retained, we can assist you in developing the essential theory of the case, identifying key issues which need to be explored, key documents you will need to secure and a roadmap to the discovery devices you will need to obtain them, as well as key expert and lay witnesses that you will need as part of your case.


The process of discovery can be laborious and expensive. In these difficult economic times, clients are extremely cost conscious. We can help you develop a plan for securing critical information in a cost effective manner. Too often, attorneys fail to utilize all of the discovery resources at their disposal to secure critical information and documents. In addition to crafting discovery demands, our firm can also analyze the discovery produced by the adverse party, identifying what items still need to be produced and pursuing those remedies that will insure that critical information and documents are secured.


Whether your case is in litigation or not, our firm can help build a strategic team of professionals to assist you. Do you need a forensic accountant to value assets or document unreported income? Perhaps you need a forensic psychiatrist or psychologist to perform a custody evaluation or to prepare a client to meet with such a professional? Or are you looking for a vocational rehabilitation expert or compensation expert to address the issue of the compensation or employability of a party? A collaborative law coach? A pension actuary or real estate appraiser? Our firm can help locate and provide critical information to such professionals.


Have you ever found yourself staring at a 60 page expert report and wondering how you were going to present or attack the report? Are your discussions with the expert conducted in what seems to be a “foreign language”? We can assist in making these reports understandable, pointing out key aspects of the reports or weaknesses. Do you need a rebuttal expert to counter the effect of the report? We can identify the best person for such a task. Let us help take the stress out of dealing with this highly important area of your case.


If your case is approaching trial or is “trial ready”, our firm can help you get the case ready for trial. A trial can have a dramatically disruptive effect on your practice. Do you feel as though you have to put aside all or most of your other clients when you need to prepare a case for trial? Are you concerned that you do not have the time or the attorneys in your practice support staff necessary to prepare and present an effective and compelling case? Are you concerned that the other side can overwhelm or “out- prepare” you? Our firm can help. We can prepare your Statements of Proposed Disposition, as well as Trial Notebooks, trial subpoenas, exhibits and memorandums of law. Imagine walking into the Courthouse fully prepared and completely confident.